ViewPorter® Platform

Get Involved in Most Innovative Smart Media Platform ViewPorter®

ViewPorter® system based on EPUB3 provides friendly eBooks production environment to general people and build digital contents library for the company. ViewPorter® helps to produce new digital contents form and global publishing with multimedia and interactive effect.


Our ViewPorter® Smart Media Platform Component Applications


Editor: EPUB3 Authoring Tool for MAC/Windows
Can be published on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks


Viewer: EPUB3 Mobile and PC Viewer for Windows/Android/iOS

App Maker: EPUB3 to APK or iPA for Mobile Apps

Converter: PDF to EPUB3, EPUB2 to EPUB3 Converting

Sensor: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Beacon and NFC Sensor Mapper for each Digital Content

CMS: Supports Contents Management System for various Multimedia Digital Contents

Publishing BOX: Box can help to make EPUB3 and APP from PDF, EPUB2, and EPUB3


Orange4D: Everyone can Join, Create, Sell on our Ecosystem through the ViewPorter® OMP