“New” Viewporter™ EPUB App Maker

EPUB to Android APP by APP Maker


If you want to publish your EPUB file to Google Play Store, you need an APK(Android PacKage) file. It is possible in ViewPorter™ App maker! You can easily publish from EPUB to APK file by ViewPorter™ App Maker(Android). You can choose two option, Single eBook or multiple eBook.’ In case of multiple eBook, you can publish several EPUB file to one APK file. Moreover, strong point of Viewporter™ App Maker is that you can publish more than 45MB (actually, Google Play Store accept under 50MB file size) to share with your family and friend. We believe that APP Maker will be very useful and simple to use it.  Click the icon and Download it now! 

It takes only 1 minute to publish the Android App from EPUB file and you can upload to Google Play Store immediately. Why don’t you try it? It is really fast and comforable to publish your own Android App. If you need more information or need help, you may refer to App Maker Manual or Contact us