The Image Of Great Vision – Kim Jung Hyen


-Symphony of Painting & Silence of Universe-

Published by. Kim Jung Hyen

cover (1) Publisher Kim JungHyen is never satisfied with art. His way of thinking and experimenting with ink especially make his painting techniques surpassing the limits of traditional Pen and Ink. Moreover, he has reached the stage of self-willed and straight visual language. The usage of different painting tones, such as dry and wet, strong and light, make you hear quick and slow, high and low notes of the symphony of colors. There, we hear the sound of wind, the bleak of autumn, the scream of a mountain and the silence of the sea….


Studying, traveling, thinking and painting are the essential elements of his career and the fundamental source of his ways of painting. You can meet his steady and open mind, but also rationality and deep thought from his works. At the same time, his works reflect the peaceful world of wisdom, and also the world of a wanderer in a foreign land. Now,you can enjoy and experience his work through an eBook.