ViewPorter® Publishing BOX™

ViewPorter® Publishing BOX™ can help to make EPUB2, EPUB3, and APPs(Android, iOS) from the PDF. And also allows the insertion of video and audio based on pre-made templates, and insert interactive features .

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  • PDF to  EPUB2, EPUB3 (Fixed Layout and Reflowable)

  • EPUB2 to EPUB3 and Apps(iOS, Android)

  • PDF, EPUB2, EPUB3 to Apps(iOS, Android)


  • Converts PDF to EPUB2 and EPUB3(Fixed and Reflowable)

  • Non-Commercial font substitution function from the original PDF documents

  • Video/Audio auto insertion based on the templates

  • Can insert interactive code automatically(eg., interactive quiz)

  • Protecting the digital contents by Advanced Encryption Standard AES-128

<Step 1. Drag and Drop the PDF, EPUB  or Folder>

In case of Folder should have the images, video, and PDF or EPUB3 file.pbox_start

<Step 2. Choose the options, EPUB2, EPUB3,  Android and  iOS Xcode Project>


<Step 3. Completed> Now you can sell it on the Apple ibooks store, Amazon Kindle, Apple App store, or Google Play store.