About Us

JOARA is a Web Novel Plaform & digital content & eBook developer. JOARA has digital content publishing solutions based on EPUB, a global standard format. Content and solutions developed by JOARA are based on this global standard, and we aim for the global market. JOARA launched the following services during the era of mobile living and digital content, which have been rapidly spread.
1. The “ViewPorter®” platform which can easily publish and sell digital content and eBooks

2. Interactive eBook development with the convergence of various multimedia content (Securing copyrights, B2C/B2B)

3. A multimedia content sharing platform which solves copyright issues (Securing copyrights, B2C/B2B)
ViewPorter® system based on EPUB3 provides friendly eBooks production environment to general people and build digital contents library for the company. ViewPorter® helps to produce new digital contents form and global publishing with multimedia and interactive effect.

JOARA has been moving forward with EPUB3 content development projects faster than any of its competitors, and is widely recognized as a specialist in EPUB3, both at home and abroad.
It is currently providing various convergence services based on key technologies, namely the production and publication of digital content. It also aims to be a global content publisher by creating its own content in the near future.

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